Author Guidelines

Authors should submit their article through online or send as an attachment to the Editorial Office at:

Journal of Chemical Science and Chemical Engineering publishes unique research manuscripts of unresolved medicinal importance. We will deliberate manuscripts of any length; we inspire the submission of both considerable floor-length bodies of effort and quicker manuscripts that report original results that might be based on a more incomplete range of researches.

We process the manuscripts rapidly without time barrier within 45 days from the date of submission and we will update you about approval status within seven days. After receiving the comments from Reviewer we will forward it to author’s weather the comments might be positive or negative. Author should correct the article by following the review comments.

The script style should be brief and accessible, evading gibberish so that the manuscript is glanceable for readers external a specialty or those whose primary language is not English. Editors will make ideas for how to complete this, as well as ideas for cuts or accompaniments that could be made to the manuscript to support the disagreement. Our aim is to make the editorial method difficult and constant, but not disturbing or domineering. Authors are fortified to use their own voice and to agree how best to existing their ideas, results and conclusions. While we inspire suggestions from around the globe, we require that manuscripts be acquiesced in English. Authors who do not use English as a primary language may communication us for additional information. We will publish these conversions as supportive info and list them, collected with other supportive info files, at the end of the manuscript text.

Plagiarism Check
JCSCE does not encourage any form of plagiarism, thus we strongly mention you to check your manuscript content before you submit manuscript to any of our Journals. Plagiarism can be check through online plagiarism software to minimize additional problems. It helps to avoid plagiarism. It will only take a limited transcript to check your file. We consider only 75% or more unique research work for publication.

All works published by Helics Group are under the standings of the Original Commons Attribution License. This license everyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work providing the unique work and source is properly cited.