Nadukkudy V Eldho


Department of Chemistry

Indira Gandhi college of Arts and Science, Mahatma Gandhi University




Nadukkudy V. Eldho is from Cochin, Kerala State, INDIA. Dr.Eldho completed Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Danaboyina Ramaiah at National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST, Formerly Regional Research Laboratory), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Trivandrum and the University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India. Then, Dr.Eldho moved to National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA (2000-2003) as a Visiting Post-doctoral Fellow to work on solid-state NMR of biological membranes. Dr.Eldho spend as Associate Researcher  at Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Ohio, 2003-2006), Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston, 2006-2008), University of Maryland (College Park, 2008-2011), John Hopkins University (Baltimore, 2012), Texas A&M University (Texas, 2012) in USA. Dr.Eldho  honored National Institutes of Health FARE 2002 award  for his excellence in biomedical research. Dr.Eldho joined Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala state, INDIA in 2013. Dr.Eldho served as Board Member of Restructuring Post-Graduate Credit and Semester System of Mahatma Gandhi University.

Area of Interests

  •  Thermodynamics of adsorption process at solid/liquid interface,
  • Synthesis and studies of nanomaterials,
  • Phytochemistry and
  • Photochemistry.