Tarunpreet Singh Virk

Team Lead (Separations Lab) at TRC-LGC

University of Ottawa




A self-motivated, creative, dedicated and proactive Organic Chemistry R&D Project Manager/ Principal Investigator with a positive, can-do attitude and 7+ years experience in performing advanced multistep organic synthesis as well as analytical studies in a laboratory setting. Completed 1 project as Master’s student, 6 different projects in Ph.D. and 4 different projects in postdoctoral studies, which resulted in 8 international peer-reviewed publications. 2 more publications are soon expected. Different applications were developed successfully from the synthesized materials.

Area of Interests

Dr Tarun area of research interest is basically the synthetic organic chemistry. Broadly it is like- Synthetic organic chemistry, Conjugated organic materials, Organic electronics (Organic semiconductors, OFETs), Macrocyclic materials, Porphyrins, Drug design, Medicinal Chemistry, Extraction, Separation/ Purification and analytical method development.